'turbocharged' Custom Made Emblem in 100% Stainless Steel
Mohamad Sabbidine's Emblem in Stainless Steel
Marc Adams's Emblem painted in black
Andrea Certa's Emblem painted in red
Omar Khayat's Emblem in Stainless Steel
Mohamad Sabbidine's Emblem inside his Rolls Royce Phantom
Children names of Harry (Roy & Kevin) on his Harley Davidson - Design was done as Requested
Lady Bird Emblem in Stainless Steel - Design as requested

Custom Made Design


Ready to offer personalized emblems to your friends and family or perhaps a treat for you as well to be installed on your car, bike … or anywhere you feel like?

Custom Made Design

Every Emblem has its own design. Our designer will choose the most suitable design according to your name. If you have your own design already done, you can send it by e-mail as a vector design and we’ll make sure you receive it as an emblem! In both ways, we are sure that you'll love it!

Premium Quality

Custom made Emblems are either made of 100% stainless steel or steel painted or gold plated depending on your request. Stainless steel metal is a versatile material offering corrosion resistance, staining & strength. All Emblems will be polished with the latest tools in order to have the best finishing.

Fast shipping & Easy installation

All orders will be shipped within two weeks after receiving cleared payment. All shipping will include tracking number. Every Emblem will include double-sided tape aside for easy installation. The Emblem can be removed easily and can be sticked elsewhere anytime.

Our Recent Work

"Remember that a person's name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language."

-Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Emblem Details

Whether you choose your Emblem to be in stainless steel, gold plated or painted in any color, our designer will try to stick all letters together. If there are numbers or if the designer finds that sticking all letters is not suitable for the design, he’ll leave a space.

By default only the 1st letter of the name & the 1st letter of the family name will be in capital.

The length of the Script will be between 14cm (5.5 in) & 20 cm (7.9 in) (As dimensions depend on the name).

The Thickness will be 3.0 millimeters (1/8 inch).

If you want another specific length or thickness please contact us.

If you want a specific design or a design related to a car brand please contact us.

If you have your own design already done, you can send it by e-mail as a vector design and we'll make sure you receive it as an Emblem!

Some Testimonials

-Absolutely the best service! Super fast shipping and great communication.

-Thank you. Great stuff will be hearing from me again shortly :)

-Accurately described item, well made, perfect dimensions and great cooperation.

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Your Emblem Picture

- Make sure to send us your Emblem picture at sales@yourcustomemblem.com once attached so that we post it in our Gallery!

- Make sure to upload your picture on instagram and tag @yourcustomemblem !

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