We need approximately 3 weeks to ship the Emblem and then it all depends on the type of shipping you choose. By post ( approximately 1 month for delivery after shipping ) , by DHL ( approximately 5 days for delivery after shipping )
Correct you cannot choose the font or see a preview of your design on the order form since we can do all the fonts and we usually do not use a specific font as is. Our designs are custom made and takes time to be done so unfortunately it is very difficult to integrate this option on the website. After you order, we will send you the design and size for confirmation before proceeding with the Emblem itself and in case you want to modify it we can modify it as much as you want. If you want a specific font or a specific style you can contact us on [email protected] to see if it is feasible. Otherwise we are using by default the same design as the pictures in the slideshow of the order page. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if we can help you with an Emblem. Thank you!
By default we use the same design as the ORDER PAGE pictures. But we can do any design or use any font if you have any specific one that you need. We can also copy any design ( as long as there is no copyright on it )
By default we use the same font as the one in the pictures of the ORDER PAGE. You're right we used several fonts in our gallery this is because we can use any font that you want or do any design that you wish. So usually the fonts that are different of the ones in the order page are special designs/fonts requested by the customers ( usually mentioned below the pictures ' design done as requested ') . In other words, If you want to select another font that the one in the pictures of the order page. Please contact us before through [email protected]
Since all our designs are custom made and we do not use any specific font, the design takes time to be done and you cannot see the design before proceeding with the order. After ordering, we will send you the design and size before proceeding with the Emblem itself, in case you want to have any modifications we can do them directly.
Sure we can, you'll have to send us the design by e-mail and we will do it for you.
You can attach Your Custom Made Emblem very easily. We recommend that the Emblems be installed with glue and not double-sided tape since our Emblems are expensive stainless steel Emblems and glue will be more solid. We can also install double sided tape at the back if needed but we cannot guarantee how long the double tape will last specially if installed outdoors.
Yes. All names and texts produced by Your Custom Emblem can be easily and quickly removed if installed with the double sided tape provided.
You can. As you can see in the gallery the emblem ' 67 Meyers Manx' has been done. Our designer usually tries to stick all letters together. If he finds that the design will not be suitable without spaces, he'll leave a space . You'll have to stick several parts instead of just one.
It depends on the logo, if the logo requires only one colour, gold or stainless steel we usually can do it. To be sure please contact us.
The length of the Script will be between 14cm (5.5 in) & 20 cm ( 7.9 in) (As dimensions depend on the name). The Thickness will be 3.0millimeters (1/8 inch). If you want another specific length or thickness please contact us before purchasing.

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